Interactive Whiteboards & Screens

Interactive Whiteboards & Screens are one of the tools changing the way we teach and conduct presentations, whether they are internal meetings or big client presentations. These tools allow you to take business to a new level of interactivity, showcasing the latest in digital whiteboard technology.

Interactive Whiteboards & screens are great for not only meetings, they also make great additions to the classroom.

In today's school environment, the Interactive Whiteboard is quickly becoming one of the most important teaching tools. Interactive Whiteboards & Screens offer far greater potential for teaching than simply being used as electronic chalkboards as they can greatly enhance class lessons by getting the students involved in a creative way.

Some major features of the Interactive Screens & Whiteboards:

  • Anti-glare LED Backlit display 
  • Robust and reliable multi-touch screen that has finger touch sensitivity 
  • Easy to use, simply plug in and turn it on
  • Offers 6 points of touch, allowing multiple users to use the screen at once
  • Can be used in the vertical position for interactive touch display or in the horizontal position for group collaboration around a table configuration 
  • Wall mounted or supplied with stand
  • Easy gliding wheels

The Daro Group can custom design and install an Interactive whiteboard/screen solution to meet your needs which includes flush mount in-desk boardroom boxes that include all your power, data and AV cable management requirements. Wall mounted audio visual control units, which allow smart operation of your projectors, motorised projection screens and volume controls, ceiling or wall mounted speakers to deliver superior sound quality.

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