Want your business to go GREEN?

Each year, every Australian Office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of A4 paper, with approximately 50 per cent of this going straight to landfill.

With our Document Management Software, that can be used in conjunction with your office equipment, we can help you halve this figure enabling you to save paper, forests and money. 

Going GREEN is essential in our day to day living whether we are at home or work, whilst also being great for your businesses image in the market place.

One way to reduce paper wastage is by setting your printer to double sided which will eliminate your paper usage by half without even having to get your workers to think, also by using our Document Management System to distribute your documents electronically through to your staff members, cutting down on unnecessary paper usage. The more work your office staff can do online and share with colleagues means an enormous reduction in paper and therefor a very happy Mother Nature. 

Another great feature of our Document Management Software is the digital filling of documents.  - Simply meaning you will need less office area for filing cabinets, therefore less power needed for a larger office space....WIN WIN!

With almost 5,000 sheets of A4 paper per office staff a year going straight to landfill, it is having an enormous impact on our environment. If we can cut back on this even just a little it will save the natural resources that go into making the paper, which results in a smaller amount of pollution from the production of the paper which means we can all breath a little easier knowing we are doing our bit!

(The data was obtained from the Sustainable Living Guide)

If you would like some help with GOING GREEN, contact us here.