Scanning could save you hours.

Scanning documents is the most secure way to store important documents in an office. Instead of having folders and cabinets full with no real security, scanned files can be made secure with password access on a network.

No more wasted time flicking through paperwork.

No more misplaced, or lost files. With scanned documents it is easy to get the files to where they need to be by simply emailing them.

Scanned files are also much easier to retrieve. You can save them as searchable PDF's and then search for a name, date, client name or matter number.

With all your files scanned you will no longer need filing cabinets lining your walls, and your staff will love you because they will no longer have to go through piles of paperwork to find what the boss needs RIGHT NOW!

All of our Multi-function Device's have the ability to scan for you.

Come by our showroom at 490 Macauley Street, ALBURY or give us a call if you NEED to able to scan and can't! (02) 6021 5866