Annoying things photocopiers & printers do...

Top of the list would have to be PAPER JAMS. Is there anything worse than when you are printing an important document before you rush to your meeting and the machine jams.

  • Biggest tip would be to buy a quality brand paper.
  • Try moving where you store the paper to a dry spot. Your paper can curl if it gets damp or cold, and this will make it easier to jam.
  • Another little tip is to give your paper a shake before you put it into the paper tray, this will give the paper room to move and be less likely to jam.
  • Be sure to have your machine serviced regularly. Be sure to buy a quality brand device, all machines are NOT made equal, and with any mechanical machine out there, parts can wear out and need replacing.

THIS TONER WON'T FIT....HOW DOES IT GO IN? These are things we hear around the office. The main issue people can face is they don't know how to LOAD THE TONER OR PAPER CORRECTLY.

  • Photocopiers and printers are mainly handled in the office by us mere mortals... We are not technicians by any stretch of the imagination. Make sure your supplier give you some training as part of the sale of the machine, then you can be the office hero every time.

Running out of toner.....Doesn't it always happen at the worst times.

  • The machines that are used in offices have a large toner capacity in them, and they will also warn you when running low with plenty of time to replace it. The best tip would be to make sure you have a spare set of toners always on hand and replace the spare set as they get used. This will make sure you have no down time.  
  • The Multi-function Devices that we supply can be set up with automated alerts for paper jams, machine errors and low toner that will let our office know before you even do!

What annoys you with your Photocopier?