End the paper shuffle and watch productivity soar.

Go digital across your business and be more productive.

Your electronic and paper based information can be digitally captured, processed and sorted for you to share securely. By digitising your filing and storage system, your business can gain, on average, 2 additional productive hours per worker every week.

Current research has discovered that 1 in 10 workers waste more than one day a week (10+ hours) because of poor processes.

Scanning could save you hours.

Scanning documents is the most secure way to store important documents in an office. Instead of having folders and cabinets full with no real security, scanned files can be made secure with password access on a network.

No more wasted time flicking through paperwork.

No more misplaced, or lost files. With scanned documents it is easy to get the files to where they need to be by simply emailing them.

MeetingMate - The ultimate meeting solution with touch

It's a business interactive solution for meeting/training rooms & is the best resolved meeting room solution for Electronic white boarding & interactive displays & collaborative workspaces.

Revolutionise Your Whiteboard - Turn any wall, flat surface or existing dry-erase board interactive, turn on the projector and start writing using the included pens.

Touch Based Interactivity - enable as many as 6 participants to touch, draw, select using intuitive & familiar gestures. (only avail on EB-1430Wi)

Automate your Admin

Data entry followed by document editing are the admin tasks performed most often by your administrative staff.

93% of office workers waste 2-10 hrs per week on repetitive or manual admin.

Automating these and other manual tasks, like invoice processing, will free your employees to get on with the business of growing your business. These tasks are mind numbingly repetitive, so your employees will be thankful too.


FREE Health Check for your business!

Now’s the time to take charge of the health of your business! Get a free Konica Minolta health check to discover your true costs and optimise business processes.




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Do you get your Multi-function Device serviced regularly?

Do you get your Multi-function Device serviced regularly?

It could save you time and money.

If your Multi-function Device is working perfectly, it means your staff will be able to do their job quickly and in a professional manner.

Looking after, and keeping the device serviced will make sure it is working at its optimum, and if any small issues were to arise, they could be dealt with on a small scale before the issue escalates. 

Just a few things to think about before choosing a photocopier

Are you thinking its time to upgrade your photocopier, but have no idea what you really need in a copier?!

You don't want to rush your decision, and have staff screaming that the photocopier doesn't have the functions they require. 

These days photocopiers are referred to as Multi-function devices or simply MFD's. Today all the MFD's we have typically Copy, Print and Scan with an option to add a fax if required.

Annoying things photocopiers & printers do...

Top of the list would have to be PAPER JAMS. Is there anything worse than when you are printing an important document before you rush to your meeting and the machine jams.

Expand what your business can do in-house, with Canon's Large Format Printers

With Canon's intuitive technology, printing impressive quality large format output is simple.

We have a range of user-friendly Large Format Printers to suit the needs of your business.

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Want your business to go GREEN?

Each year, every Australian Office worker uses about 10,000 sheets of A4 paper, with approximately 50 per cent of this going straight to landfill.

With our Document Management Software, that can be used in conjunction with your office equipment, we can help you halve this figure enabling you to save paper, forests and money. 


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